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Friday, September 14, 2012


I'm so excited to say this: BOOK 3 IS OUT!!!

There was a point where I never thought I would finish this book. But I have great readers and bloggers who are faithful and persistent. I am very proud of "Guardians: The Turn" The characters have grown. The story is more intricate and pushes the boundaries of good vs. evil. There is more passion, more romance and blood. SO.MUCH.BLOOD...




Melissa said...

OMG!! What an ending! What a book!! I was not disappointed at all! I love your books! I could not put this one down and am so glad to have discovered this series :)

Kit said...

Love this series. Can't wait for the next book. Gave you 5 stars on amazon:)

marcusandemmy said...

Thx so much!!!

I hAve the best readers. And you will be getting a free copy of book 4 out in January.
Feel free to follow me on Twitter and thanks again

Kit said...

Thanks I can't wait.

jill stallings said...

Love this book. They are great

marcusandemmy said...

Thanks Jill:)
I will send you a free copy of book 4 (out January)
And pls rate on goodreads and Amazon if you haven't already.
Again thanks so much:)

Virginia said...

I have read all three guardian books ,wow they are so compelling I just din't want to put them down. Can't wait till January for the next book! They are just amazing

marcusandemmy said...

Aw, thank you so much. I have the best readers. I'm working on book 4 now
And I'm trying to have it done before the Hoildays roll in. When I get emails like yours
It helps me to stay on track. I hope you get a chance to rate it on Amazon.
Again, thank you:)

Maggie said...

I LOVE your series!!!! I don't really enjoy reading but your book.... They were incredible!!! I couldn't put the book down! I finished all three books in 3 days, and usually it takes me a while to get through a book. I am so happy that got into your books:)! I will be anxiously waiting your January to come!!!!!

P.S. I rated all your books 5 stars on Amazon!!!!

marcusandemmy said...

Maggie you made my day!
Im so glad you're enjoying the series.
I'm working on book 4 and it may be out in time for the Hoildays.
Thank you so much for the rating;)

Lesley said...

i stumbled across your books the other week on itunes and fell in love, but they don't have book 3 yet and i'm hanging to read it now i know it's come out.

marcusandemmy said...

Hi Lesley!

So glad you are enjoying the series.
Book 3 will be out week of Dec. 13 on iTunes
It's out now on Amazon. I am waiting for my contract with them to end
The week of the 13th. Then I can add it to iTunes. The good news is book 4
Will be ready this month too:)

Karter said...

So will book 3 and 4 be on iBooks by Christmas ?

Lola StVil said...

IBooks are ready but iTunes will take a while to process. ITunes is slow due to the Holiday. Email me and maybe able to get it to you in a different format:)

Anonymous said...

When will books 3 4 n 5 be avaiable for nook? Just read 1 n 2 today n cant wait to continue!!!! Love the series so far!!

Lola StVil said...

It's out now:)