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Saturday, August 3, 2013


Read "Guardians: Short stories from book 5"

Find out why Marcus did what he did to Emmy at the end of book 5.2

Where did Mouse come from?

who did Jay hook up with?

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Anonymous said...

I am probally one of her "older" fans, and fan I am!! I have read years of literature from authors all over the globe and love Ms.StVil's writing!! It is true talent.I read all 5 books and BOTH short story books in 5 days!!
Appreciate the way she has progressively with each book, made the characrters much more dimensional and back ground stories more complex.

MUST READ short story books, both of them. You learn so much more of whats in the souls of each of our favorite characters!! Great read and inexpensive!! Run and grab them!
On side Note: from myself and book club fans:

Bianca needs to be kicked to the curb! If her and Marcus are anymore involved romantically , we will burn the book! She is irritating and a waste.Most everyone I know skipped threw parts she's in.

Marcus needs to man up and take a chance where his heart lies. Ominis took chance on him, didn't he? No one gets a guarantee in life or death, man up!! Grab Emmy and don't let go ever again!

Of course, Emmy,Marcus(maybe few SIBS) are what we all are screaming for but it'd be intersting idea to somwhow bring Reese back! He was awesome character and make one hellva love triangle for awhile!!

I can see so many other stories and sides of these characters, I can't imagine Books stopping at number 6!!
Thank you Ms. StVil for fun, creative, gifted, intelligent stories!! Make my day! : )

Your "older fan"